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Sparks Law Firm: Fort Worth DWI Attorneys

Dec 8

Second-time offenders in Fort Worth, TX may have a harder time challenging their guilty verdict and may face fines of up to $4,000, one month to a year in prison, and a driver's license suspension for a maximum of two years. To ensure that a DWI felony repetition does not earn the maximum sentence, offenders are advised to contact a Fort Worth DWI lawyer. And in this case, Sparks Law Firm is your best bet. They’ve helped many people like you win DWI cases in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. When you enlist their legal services, you’ll be sure to be represented by one of their experienced attorneys.
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Even in the case of a probation violation, early intervention could prevent the issuing of revocation warrants or the eventual termination of the probation agreement. Our skilled Fort Worth DWI attorneys will assist you not only in avoiding the maximum penalty requested by the prosecution but also in minimizing the repercussions of probation violations. DWI Lawyer Fort Worth is always ready to fight for you no matter the nature of your case. Talk to us today.

What is probation in Fort Worth?

In Fort Worth, DWI probation is essentially an agreement between the offender and the judge. The agreement's core principle is that the judge will "probate" or "delay" a prison term if the accused agrees to observe a tight set of restrictions for the duration of the probation. Probation for a first-time DWI offense in Fort Worth is known as "probation," and it can continue for up to two years. If the offender breaks the agreement, the judge may choose not to "suspend" the sentence any longer but instead compel them to serve the prison sentence agreed upon during the initial hearing. Hiring a DWI lawyer Fort Worth from Sparks Law Firm will help you have minimum probation. 

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A DWI attorney Fort Worth from Sparks Law Firm can conduct the necessary investigation into the events that led to the DWI arrest and disprove the prosecution's claims. Our knowledgeable Fort Worth DWI lawyer will consult with professionals in the field to see if and how this argument can be used. It could be that the accused submitted a sample with a high blood alcohol level even though they were not intoxicated while operating a car. 

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